Practiced-based researches and projects:

“Live Your Art” : documentary film series for UB Arts Collaboratory with a focus on the theme of female artists, community and collaboration in Buffalo, NY, 2019-2020

“Media-as-things” (collective research+practice project): coordinating and curating publications and exhibitions with a focus on failure, noise and error in media art, 2018-present

“Strata of Memory” (individual research+practice project): design and presentation of a series of media installations with a focus on media materiality, digital memory and post-history, Media Lab, Department of Media Study, UB, 2017-present

“Documentary as oral history” : documentary film series for Buffalo Documentary Project with a focus on community in Buffalo and Niagara region, 2016-present

“Image-abyme” (collective research+practice project): a study and practice of image degradation, error and noise in analog and digital in various display screens, Buffalo, NY,  2017-2018

“The Sonic Buffalo” (individual research+practice project): a sound-mapping project through listening practice, field recording and writing for a sound journal, Buffalo, NY, 2016-2017

“A Pixelated History” (collaborative research/design for exhibition): a participatory site-specific project inspired by the history of Zamek’s architecture in Poznan, Poland, 2014

“In Memorial of Polish Musician Witold Lutosławski” (collaborative media+dance project): a multidisciplinary project that combined video art, projection mapping  and choreography design for Lutosławski’s work, performed in CK Zamek, Poznan, Poland, 2013-2014