Private Nostalgia

Database video and a non-linear narrative are the key concepts for this video piece. To present a non-linear narrative story, Mehrvarz collected footage from approximately 140 videos that depict various historical and political events, memorials, wars, and important political leaders, athletes, and activists, as well as the artist’s own family footage. The archive consists of all those who have permeated the artist’s memories, concerns, and interests since childhood. The media player is coded with an algorithm to select and play each video from the database randomly, one right after another, in a continuous format. The transition between videos is calculated intentionally to highlight the sense of latency between videos.

The web version of this project (2018) is available to watch here.

Of Palimpsestic Memory and Reverse Merging: Mani Mehrvarz, Private Nostalgia, 2014 by Ewa Wójtowicz

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