Doctor of All Shoes


Joseph Bavisotto has been in the shoe repair business all of his life. Picking up where his father left off, Joseph has been working on Hertel Avenue for decades, and has watched the business grow and flourish, and the surrounding neighborhood change around him.  Hard work and perseverance have been the mainstays of his business, known as Jimmie’s Shoe Repair.  Although this job involves putting in long hours and dealing with a non-stop stream of work, there is a sense of satisfaction and ownership that comes with the work, something that he says makes it all the worthwhile.  While some may say that shoe repair shops are a thing of the past, and that the shoe repairman is a dying profession, Joseph has seen continued success in his business by offering good quality service at a fair price.  Consistency and perseverance have paid off in his business and his life, allowing Jimmie’s Shoe Repair to remain a constant on the Hertel neighborhood despite continual neighborhood change.
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