The Price of Oil (2019)

The Price of Oil was written by the American composer Frederic Rzewski in 1980, and was inspired by a contemporary disaster in

Illegal POV

In this work, Illegal POV, high-quality video is projected onto a large screen, depicting three fishermen at the Caspian Sea.

Requiem For A Master

This video was made after the shocking news of the death of Iranian filmmaker, Abbas Kiarostami, in 2016. Kiarostami has been


In this piece, the audience encounters a painful scene in which the artist is shown undergoing treatment at the dentist. The a

Private Nostalgia

Database video and a non-linear narrative are the key concepts for this video piece. To present a non-linear narrative story,

Parallel Thought

Inspired by Sisyphus mythology and the idea of suicide as a symbol, this work is a video performance that engages with the met

Wistful Affection For The Past

Vilem Flusser believed that human eyes attempt to decipher a text following its lines, and thus establish the uni-vocal relati

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A Circular History

Inspired by the concept of eternal return and Nietzsche’s philosophy of history, this work considers time and history as


Similar to Mehrvarz’s previous work, A Circular History, this piece titled Limitation is also inspired by the concept of ete

More Black & More White

For this work, a minimal musical composition by Terry Riley has been employed to investigate the idea of replacing spoken lang

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