Fight for Good

Fight for Good (2021) Documentary | 22 min | USA Fight for Good is a documentary that tells the story of real-life community-b

The Price of Oil (2019)

The Price of Oil was written by the American composer Frederic Rzewski in 1980, and was inspired by a contemporary disaster in


Buffalo-based ensemble Wooden Cities sets out to record an album about environmental justice and workplace democracy.   m

Live Your Art

  LIVE YOUR ART Featuring women artists: Naila Ansari, Julia Anne Cordani, Pam Glick, Maryam Muliaee A collaborative film

John Berg the Maximalist

John Berg – The Maximalist (2018) This episode from the Buffalo Documentary Project is a short documentary features an amazi

Illegal POV

In this work, Illegal POV, high-quality video is projected onto a large screen, depicting three fishermen at the Caspian Sea.


  Asher  2019, 45min During her time as a student-athlete in college, Asher was in pursuit of her lifetime 

Doctor of All Shoes

  DOCTOR OF ALL SHOES (2016) Joseph Bavisotto has been in the shoe repair business all of his life. Picking up where his

Requiem For A Master

This video was made after the shocking news of the death of Iranian filmmaker, Abbas Kiarostami, in 2016. Kiarostami has been

Senso di voce

  Senso di Voce  2016, 36min  Formed in September 2015, Senso di Voce (Sense of Voice) – Esin Gunduz, voice,

Parallel Thought

Inspired by Sisyphus mythology and the idea of suicide as a symbol, this work is a video performance that engages with the met

It Waits In The Museum

This short documentary challenges what national museums present to people as a history of a country. The film was shot in two

A Spark Of Hope In The Past

Due to the political and financial situation in Iran between the 1979 revolution and the present, many Iranians migrated to We

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A Circular History

Inspired by the concept of eternal return and Nietzsche’s philosophy of history, this work considers time and history as

More Black & More White

For this work, a minimal musical composition by Terry Riley has been employed to investigate the idea of replacing spoken lang