Conference paper

“Cultural Techniques: A Methodological Tool to Explain the Shifting Notion of Data”, 26th Annual Crossing the Boundaries Conference, March 2018, Binghamton University, NY.


Strata of Memory: An Encounter With the Analog Signal Decay and the Digital Mortality (Forthcoming)

Nostalgia in Art (University of Arts in Poznan, Poland. MFA dissertation). 2014

Book Chapters

Media-as-things: A Nonhistorical Nostalgia Through Failure”, Mani Mehrvarz and Maryam Muliaee. editor: Ryan Lizardi, Peter Lang Publishing Group. link

Failure: An Encounter with the unstable medium in the work of artists” editors: Timothy Barker and Maria Korolkova (Forthcoming, Winter 2019)


VIP – VideoChannel Interview Project, The new Museum of Network Art. 2014

Selected artist talk, exhibition/work reviews, catalogs, and books:

• SZTUKA W KULTURZE POSTMEDIALNEJ, Ewa Wojtowicz, 2016, ISBN 978-83-

65155-16-0, Poland. 2016

• “Remix in Social Media Culture,” artpunk no. 22 October (ISSN: 2080-1785), Poland.


• Invited talk, music performance, and Iranian cinema, Young art place: Kolektyw 1a,

Poznan, Poland. 2014

• Invited talk, Iranian Typography, University of Arts in Poznan, Poland. 2013

• 17th Japan Media Arts Festival(book), Tokyo. 2014

• Youth in Europe, mecklenburg vorpommern(book), Berlin. 2013

• The Individual Is Always The Exception(catalogue), Tehran. 2011

• World Award of Monotheistic Religions(book), Tehran. 2008

• the 9th Contemporary Graphic Design Biennial Of Iran(book), Tehran. 2007

• The book of 5th Generation, (ISBN: 9789649547466), Tehran. 2007

• Also Sprach Zarathustra (catalogue), Laleh Gallery, Tehran. 2007

• “Conceptual Posters,” Art Magazine no.2, University of Arts in Tehran. 2007

• Asma Ul Husna, Iranian Independent Designer Society(book), Tehran. 2006


A Review Of Nietzche’s Thoughts In Music, 2013 download abstract

An Analysis of Nietzsche’s Zarathustra, 2012 download abstract