I am dealing with the concept of ‘state’ and ‘nationality’ which shape our telling of conventional history. I am challenging the human mind, where our imagination of history is manipulated by the notion of nationality, which feeds on authority. In this way, when we are talking about any events in a specific geography, actually we are mentioning a nation or nationality. Viewers have the choice to select a country they want from the list and add this to the navigation list. The navigation list plays videos on the screen according to their repetition numbers. In this way, the viewer is changing the order of events reported by the news, to create a new order of priority for the list. There is a short video from each country that shows some historical moment. I, as an artist, select the videos which are more forgotten events/moments for each country. The result creates new notions about historical events and awakens the viewer to understand his/her lack of knowledge about the actual events. I am trying to provoke the viewer’s mind to think about alternatives, to know about the world something beyond the usual representation of media and nationality.
Is it possible?