2015- AT Gallery, Poznan, Poland
Visualizing information in our contemporary time creates new forms which are no longer related to our “historical” imagination of world’s shape. We perceive the world through a database growing by decoded information day by day. Each way that we transmit or decode information may establish a new reality with the ability to make us rethink any circumstance. In other words, for collecting information we don’t need to understand the whole knowledge of the world, but we integrate each gesture of things such as sound, image, smell or piece of information to understand a set of condition.
“New technology allows to present reality in a new way.” New media such as video, the web, electronic devices or whatever transmits information can change the narrative of our personal and private experience. The availability of cheap telecommunication technologies such as webcams, mobile devices has the promise for a radically new aesthetics which does not have any precursors: “the aesthetics which will combine (story) fiction and telecommunication.”
In this work I am trying to represent how a shared experience (private memory) can change our perceptions and creates a new representation of reality. How the combination of new media telecommunication, which claims to transmit truth, can define a new (fictional) memory/history or a new level of realism? In this work, there are multiple narrative layers and streaming is the symbol of the banality of the ordinary rather than the excitement of extraordinary.

Mani Mehrvarz
April 2015