Private Nostalgia

In this project I tried to metamorphose the linear pattern of storytelling by randomly playing footage videos without any specific predefined order. To introduce a non-linear narrative form, I collected about 140 footage videos, of several memorial, historical, and political events, of political leaders, athletes, activists, some war footage, and even of my family videos. All of those who have permeated my memories since my childhood and interrelated my concerns so far now. I have coded an algorithm which selects and plays each footage from a database (video footage) randomly one after each other.
Every sequence provokes a new mean¬ing in a radically different way since each time it is played in a randomly new order. Besides, in this plan, each item finds the equal significance as any others do, being played without any firm ending and beginning. This way of playing, I believe, introduces a different form of perception of narratives and challenges viewer’s perceptive abili¬ties with random dramatic changes. As a result, a new way of phenomenological understanding will be launched which depends on every observer’s point of view rather than the narrative structure.
In this project, I tended the database is given more critically significance than each separate video. I believe that the re¬presentation of the world in such a way (using a database) is less biased and thus, is hoping to give us an origin to the history.