August 2013


Everyone will have made the following observation: a man's historical knowledge and perception may be very limited, his horizon as restricted as that of a resident of an alpine valley, into every judgement he may introduce an  injustice, into every experience the error of being the first to have that experience and despite all injustice and all error he stands firmly in indefatigable health and vigour, a pleasure to behold; while right beside him the man of greater justice and learning deteriorates and crumbles because the lines of his horizon restlessly shift again and again, because he cannot extricate himself from the much more delicate network of his justice and truths in order to engage in rude willing and desiring.

Friedrich Nietzsche, §1, P11


In this work I tended to show that human perception of history can easily be manipulated. I believe that human always likes rather re-see his past moments and by doing so tries to build the history even if it does not exist at all. Then the game begins, and we accept the history and continue destroying it, we do it even in our mind. Although we might believe that the media can manipulate history, we unintentionally like to neglect it. In this practice, I tried to make a circular interpretation of history possible: considering time and history as never moving forward, but always returning to the same points that always change their exact place. Then there would be no chance for truth just round it.